GPG (Re: [Nottingham] RE: Pro Licenses and Mesh Networking)

Martin martin at
Wed Oct 3 10:18:45 BST 2007

Edward wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> -snip
>> Perhaps we do all need to tag on gpg signatures to avoid a chase in the
>> first place.
>> It might even clobber all the spam rubbish and scams!
> I would like to start using gpg, I have had one(a key) for years, but
> never built the 'network of trust' with others. Can you point me towards
> my goal of gpg key-using preparedness?

Oooooer... To reach such a Zen-like state of preparedness and Trust, you
must net a great Oracle, for I am merely poorly connected and could only
at best send you on an arduous cryptic journey through vast levels of
unconnectedness to gather your companion Keys.

Yae! Far swifter and near, you may seek out The Great Key Keeper of our
NLUG and so find the gpg Light.

Yae! And that is a friendly warm Light and a welcoming beer or few. And
the Light may be sought by the mantra of "More Beer?".

And the code name into this cryptic nirvana is but a human name. And the
name is Roger.

And thus you must seek out such a Light, and it is beholden upon you to
have your Holy Uncorruptible Paper Key and companion photo id
credentials to Yae(!), Shine, afore The Light. And truly then may you
attain the highest state of Trust!


Further guidance may be had at the minor temple of Light that we merely
hold in:

And thus gpg is Easy!

And I'll likely be lost in the blinding flash of lightning for that
little unholiness!



Martin Lomas
martin at

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