GPG (Re: [Nottingham] RE: Pro Licenses and Mesh Networking)

Joshua Lock incandescant at
Thu Oct 4 12:52:42 BST 2007

On 04/10/2007, godfrey <godfrey at> wrote:
> Oh bother! I have had an adverse reaction to the medication I was just given
> earlier this week, so will miss the talk tonight. (Thinks, have to add
> Erethromycin to Penicillin as what I am allergic to).
Ouch :(
> It promises to be such a good talk, too. Really sorry about missing it.
> I also, would like to get using GPG, and have created my key-pair. Now, what
> about getting my key signed? I guess I can't get it done remotely, can I?

The idea behind PGP is that when you sign a key you are verifying that
the person whose key you are signing is actually who they claim to be.
Hence the need for face to face meets with photo ID before key signing

Wikipedia to the rescue:

- J
Joshua Lock

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