[Nottingham] Last night's talk and ubuntu screen refresh rate

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Sat Oct 20 06:10:43 BST 2007

Hello Michael, 

I'm sorry I didn't get a proper chance to meet you last night but I really enjoyed the evening.  Danny is a very bright young man with a great future and a very lovely lady-friend too!

Now I am a little more comfortable with the idea, I look forward to coming along to more meetings in the future.  There is the little matter of making a contribution to the events, which I was unable to do last night.  Perhaps you could let me have some idea about 'subs' and I'll pitch in.

A very good night, thank you again.


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First, thanks to Danny for his talk on web development.

Next, for the bloke with the screen refresh rate problem in Ubuntu -
could either be a simple fix by putting the correct horizontal and
rates for your monitor in xorg.conf or it may be a symptom of using the
proprietary nvidia driver with the twinview support on by default* 

Assuming the former problem, you'll need to edit xorg.conf and the
 quick way 
is to just use the technique outlined in 
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=435287 which is to run...

gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

...then edit the monitor section HorizSync and VertRefresh values to
 fit those 
in your monitor manual, e.g. : -

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "DELL M782"
        Option          "DPMS"
        HorizSync       30.0-80..0
        VertRefresh     56.0-75.0

...then restart X (quick way is Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) and that may be it

If not, then there's quite a lot of talk about the nvidia driver
feature which can also cause this problem (see 

Let us know if that fixes it - if it doesn't, I'm happy to pop round
 and try 
and fix it (free of charge of course)..

Michael Erskine.

* see 

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That seemed to be so sweet
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