[Nottingham] LVM and load balancing and ReiserFS (Charles Samuels)

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 12:31:13 GMT 2007

I can't see where ReiserFS deserved any bad treatment at all. I use it
on a daily basis on a database cluster with no issues at all, not even
down to performance where one of the nodes in the cluster is running on
a RAID6 (striping+dual distributed parity). As for LVM: I can't comment
as I don't use it, I use the firmware controllers on the IDE cards if I
want JBOD or basic RAID. RAID6 takes some magic. And animal sacrifices.
And a hefty stack of identical drives. But, once it's there you're set
for a 50% redundancy with better than 75% capacity. Which, considering
it's RAID, is pretty darn good.

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