[Nottingham] USB flashing your distro?

ForkBombFluf fluf at freeshell.org
Wed Apr 16 14:59:37 BST 2008

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Andy Smith wrote:

> True, but with the very low cost of these products I am not
> surprised they aren't willing to state anything complicated like
> that.  Crucial offer a lifetime warranty.  Kingston offer a lifetime
> warranty.  SanDisk offer a 5 year warranty.
> Kingston CF media is rated for 10,000 write cycles per sector with
> wear levelling - they state that this will last for 27 years of
> rewriting the entire media once per day.
> Cheers,
> Andy

Hmmm...  27 * 365 = 9855

So once per day at 9855 days = 9855 entire media rewrites; an order of 
magnitude different from 10,000 rewrites.

365 * 24 = 8760 hours in a year, so if it was to rewrite the whole drive 
once an hour it's possible it might last a little
over a year on average, assuming the more constant read/write cycle (as 
opposed to 27 years) doesn't make it wear
out quicker .

Can't argue with the price of course, that's certainly where they win 
out... But how to get a bit more fault tolerance?

Buy two or three and clone/rsync on a fairly regular basis?

Flash raid?  *shudder*

Anyone had the internal memory on thier eee die yet?

Quivering in anticipation of tomorrow's talk.

Be there, or be a tesseract!


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