[Nottingham] RE: [Social] *Tomorrow* Wed 23/04/2008 Last Post Beeston Beers, (Martin)

Aaron Hopkinson aaron_h at ntlworld.com
Wed Apr 23 23:09:41 BST 2008

What a night!..

I decided I'd try and get down to Beeston to have a bit of a chat with 
everyone tonight. (I couldn't drink because I was driving)
For a start I set off 30 mins late, which ment I ended up there at 10PM 
rather than 9:30, then I couldn't find the pub (I don't know Nottingham, 
or Beeston very well at all! I hate driving around it).
Entered the pub at 10.30PM (on my own), decided I stuck out a bit too 
much, there were way too many people in there so I had a brief walk 
around to see if I recognised any faces from the website but I didn't so 
I left without meeting or talking to anyone and I just got back. :(

I was really looking forward to seeing people, but I suppose the next 
time I attempt to go it might be a good idea to arrange to meet somebody 
outside or something because I'm really shy..


- Aaron

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