[Nottingham] RE: [Social] *Tomorrow* Wed 23/04/2008 Last Post Beeston Beers, (Martin)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 00:28:55 BST 2008


> What a night!..

Yep rather good. A select gathering but various wide ranging
discussions. Shame the bar staff (all ONE of him) were far too frazzled
and rushed to even consider trying some of the other ales they were

> I decided I'd try and get down to Beeston to have a bit of a chat with
> around to see if I recognised any faces from the website but I didn't so
> I left without meeting or talking to anyone and I just got back. :(

Oh no...! We were there!!

> I was really looking forward to seeing people, but I suppose the next
> time I attempt to go it might be a good idea to arrange to meet somebody
> outside or something because I'm really shy..

Mmmm... We may need to invest in a BIG PENGUIN! Sorry, wasn't expecting
anyone other than the usual Beeston contingent. We usually have an
onlist or offlist prod as to whom to expect.

Regardless, good effort for the exploration. Likely a better bet is one
of the Nav meets because you can't possibly miss us there. Always good
to explore a little.

OK, so I'm just back, hope I'm typing straight!

Sorry we didn't notice anyone looking lost and geekie... :-(

Hope to see you at the next meet :-)

Cheers, (hic!)

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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