[Nottingham] Wanted: compact flash card

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Thu Apr 24 09:52:55 BST 2008

I've got 2 x 32Mb cards if they're any use
Alistair (Arnold)



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Does anyone have a CompactFlash card they no longer need? I'm looking 
for something with a capacity of say 64Mb or more to run a distro from. 
I have a CF-IDE adapter that I've had for a few years and I'd like to 
try it out with a JFFS2 root partition + ramfs for /var (/tmp -> 
/var/tmp, etc.). Will swap for... erm, whatever I have that you might like! 

Failing that, if anyone is making an order with ebuyer, let me know and 
we can pop one of these on... 


A gig for £6.40 - not too bad! 


Michael Erskine. 


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