[Nottingham] Setting up a router at uni

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Sun Aug 24 17:50:55 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 14:02 +0100, Danny King wrote:
> I'm going to be a Fresher at Durham Uni pretty soon and I'll be taking
> a desktop, laptop and a server. Do you guys think it'd be worth
> getting a router/firewall box for security?

Easy answer: yes.

Not so easy answer (which is a question): will you be in a hall of
residence or college accommodation?

If yes, you may be required not to "hide" machines behind a NAT router
so that the IT services people can see how many devices there are
connected to their network. You'll need to check the local policies
which are in force to make sure you don't fall foul of them.

Cue a howling storm of "take what you want, connect it where you want,
they'll never find you" replies ;-)


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