[Nottingham] USB LiveDistros Persistance (or, Going Diskless)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 22:32:14 UTC 2008

Michael Quaintance wrote:
> http://www.slax.org/documentation_key_features.php
> "All Slax modules are much smaller than any other compressed packages 
> available nowadays for all other Linux distributions, while the speed of 
> decompression remains usually faster than reading the full data from 
> disk."
> If you use USB devices labelled with the ReadyBoost logo you can easily 
> take Slax from powered off to full GUI in 40 seconds and with no 
> I like it for that reason. 
> Plus the modularity it gains from that .lzm architecture means you can 
> Also:
> "In Slax, you are not limited to just a persistent home directory - the 
> whole root filesystem is fully writable, so we talk about 'persistent 
> changes' ...

All rather very neat.

Taking a quick glance it certainly looks to be very lean. Nice clean
website also.

Another cool feature to be added (soon?) is:


"Tomas M wrote:I am modifying httpfs in order to support readdir(), to
be able to boot entire Slax over network.

This feature will allow us, for example, to boot Slax as a 10MB ISO file
and use from=http://domain.com/slax/ as a boot parameter."

And all based on Slackware.

Looks interesting. I'll be having a play.

Meanwhile, back to the original requirements that include a LAMP
stack... I guess I'm still on for trying the familiar Mandriva on ext2
on the CF card.

Or did I miss the LAMP on Slax?!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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