[Nottingham] webhosting problems

Chris Burton Chris at 7of9b.org
Mon Feb 11 01:27:16 GMT 2008

[reposted from the right email address]
> Q1: How would you rate Student Web Hosting as a hosting company?
who? - Never heard of them.

> Q2: Best solution to a compromised site (brief Nu B answers please)
What do you mean by "ftp section" ?

Probably best to restore from backup, from a date previous to the

> Q3: Any suggestions for a different hosting company and the chance that I 
> can get some sort of part refund from my present hosting company?

I'd look for someone with their own UK servers and network. One of my
current transit providers do reasonable priced hosting (www.goscomb.net) and
if you really want a few to choose from pop onto www.webhostchat.co.uk and
stick a request in.

On the refund part no idea - down to your provider (and the T&C/etc).


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