[Nottingham] Arduino (Hardware bit-twiddling fun)

Peter Woods peterwoods at f2s.com
Fri Feb 15 19:28:21 GMT 2008

> Peter Woods wrote:
> [---]
>> I've got (don't ask) a KURTA graphics pad with a((n old)MAC interface))
>> (I forget the name of it, it's the mouse i/f on OLD macs.)
>> The hardware side of it (as I recall from Google) is simple enough, and
>> should be simple to implement on the Arduino.
>> (Converting to USB that is.)
>> The s/w side of it  probably requires access  to  drivers which will
>> only be in Yellow Dog stuff
>> (old mac stuff as you know.)
> You might find that it's much easier than that even...
> If the interface just needs plugging into an RS232 port or whatever ttyS
> interface, then you might find that Xorg already supports the device.
> How do YDL work it?
> Any other examples anywhere?
>> I would be interested in mucking in with hardware stuff, but I've no
>> idea about YellowDog/mac s/w.
>> Anyone interested in helping?
> If beer is involved, I'm sure there'd be various help at a fix-it
> evening or whatever.
> Then again... You can buy brand new USB graphics tablets for reasonably
> cheap...
> Cheers,
> Martin
The i/f is called ADB and is definitely NOT RS232 or TTY.
Here is a starter page:
There are explanations of the protocol (and of the cheap-jack origins of 
the design)
[then again I was taught that an Engineer was someone who could build 
something for half a crown ~ etc, etc.]
to be found through Google.
Basically, the s/w does all the work, keeps the h/w cheap, UNTIL you 
have to emulate it!

Anyway, where is the challenge in chucking £500 at buying a new (A3 
WaCom) tablet?

Pete Woods

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