[Nottingham] digital camera query

godfrey godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Wed Jul 2 06:09:14 BST 2008

OK, so I have the camera working now and all the photos transferred to my 
Linux laptop. The solution ? Well, in the process of installing gphoto2 I had 
to install newer versions of libgphoto2 and libusb, and needless to say when 
I subsequently opened up digiKam it recognised the camera and transferred the 


PS Sorry I'll not make it to the Big Wok, but I'm on family taxi service.

On Thursday 26 June 2008 12:33 am, Martin wrote:
> godfrey wrote:
> [---]
> > I sent a message to Kodak who simply reply "Linux is not supported". What
> > customer service!! Needless to say, I posted the reply on my blog!
> So, it's just their lowly paid staff on the emails that are clueless.
> > Anyone give advice on the universal card reader available in Jessops? I
> > know it says that it supports Windows and Mac, and the shop staff seem
> > clueless about any other OS - but anyone here tried to use one? (or
> > similar?)
> Most 'sales' staff do seem to be clueless, or downright misleading for
> what I've overheard in certain computer shops...
> My digicam is seen as a USB mass storage device and provided you
> navigate down into the correct part of the directory tree, there you
> have all the pictures.
> I also use a card reader that works fine.
> Unless you Google for the make that you're going to buy to see if there
> are any Linux comments about it, they're cheap enough just to take "pot
> luck".
> If you're really keen, for any new ones not recognised, you can email
> off the USB id numbers for it to be added to the list of known devices.
> There's instructions on the web for adding the details into your own
> config so that you can use it.
> Having said that, from what I've seen, most now seem to work.
> Have you looked in /var/log/messages and /dev/sd* to see if the problem
> is just merely that you need to manually mount the device?
> Good luck,
> Martin

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