[Nottingham] Working With Surrounding LUGs

Chris Hayes cbhworld at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 13:52:24 BST 2008


I'm Chris Hayes, LUG Master of Newark LUG. Newark LUG is a small LUG
in Nottinghamshire serving Newark and the surrounding area -
http://newark.lug.org.uk. Recently we began discussing whether it
might be useful to work with some of the larger LUGs in this area, for
example by announcing each others events on our mailing lists.

We would be interested to know if you guys would be up for something
like this, and whether you might have any ideas of other useful ways
that we could cooperate.

Incidentally, I've already contacted Lincs LUG and Mansfield LUG about
an arrangement like this - so far the responses have been positive.

Chris Hayes

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