[Nottingham] My fedora 9 experience (vent/rant included)

Andy White andy at milky.org.uk
Thu Jul 10 20:49:44 BST 2008


> 'Look in the logfiles, see whats stopping it working, change this config
> in /etc/selinux'
> Sure but thats why people hate Linux cos its too hard. We know how to do
> it cos we've been using Linux for a while. HOW is a newbie going to
> cope. Easy, they'll install Windows!

but your fight isn't actually with 'Linux', it's with Fedora. I personally
don't like it (the distro, that is), so tend not to use it ('cept when a
work policy dictates otherwise).

I wouldn't be so presumptuous to tell you what you should be using, but maybe
if Fedora is infuriating you so much you should try another distro?

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