[Nottingham] This week's technical meeting

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 14:56:46 GMT 2008

We are due to have a technical meeting at the Navigation this Thursday (20th 
March 2008 - tomorrow!) however, nobody is available to give a suitable talk 
(Easter means my partner is working nights so we have childcare in daytime - 
that's my excuse! Others are on holiday, etc.). This is a bit of a shame 
because there has been a considerable mount of work put in to keep the 
meetings happening. Not to worry, however, as I'm pretty sure that normal 
service will resume for the next tech meet. 

If, in the meantime, anyone wants to help me with my Arduino project, my new 
MediaWiki install, or have a laugh as I wire a new keyboard controller matrix 
for my arcade cabinet, I'll be happy to host a _small_ gathering at my house 
on Thurs night. Be prepared to breathe soldering fumes and have kids running 
around though!

Michael Erskine.

Personifiers of the world, unite!  You have nothing to lose but Mr. Dignity!
		-- Bernadette Bosky
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