[Nottingham] ubuntu 8:10 - the 'yawn' version

James Smith james.smith480 at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 5 08:12:30 UTC 2008

Hi all just thought id introduce myself as i am new to the mailing list, Im
James currently working as an Sys admin, love all things linux so yeah,
hello there!

> 2008/11/5 Robin C. M. Staple <robin.staple at googlemail.com>
> I think Ubuntu 8.10 is absolutely amazing, a great improvement over the
>> previous Ubuntu releases (which were already amazing). I have tried out
>> LOADS of distros, but always keep going back to Ubuntu - there just is
>> nothing like it, other distros just seem to be playing catch-up, basically.
>> The NetworkManager is greatly improved (3G modem support, etc.), the way the
>> shutdown button is integrated with the user switching button, guest account
>> login, make live usb disk option, not to mention the legendary darkroom
>> theme.
>> If you're gonna use kde, go all the way and use opensuse/windows... ;-)
>> Robin
>> On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 1:41 AM, Matthew Tompsett <matthewbpt at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> I recently upgraded from Hardy to 8.10 and I think it has many
>>> improvements over the last release, finally my laptop can suspend, my
>>> wireless adapter also now works out of the box (using the new wl broadcom
>>> driver) which didn't work at all before without ndiswrapper. The network
>>> manager also seems to work better. There's nothing particularly exciting in
>>> the release as compared to the last one, but I still thing it's a pretty
>>> good release, with many small improvements over Hardy and updates to the old
>>> packages. I haven't run into any problems with it at all. Also this release
>>> includes the MID and UMPC versions which I tested out and are actually
>>> pretty cool.
>>> Matt
>>> 2008/11/5 Steve Caddy <steve.m.caddy at ntlworld.com>
>>>  tony atkins wrote:
>>>> > just had the misfortune of installing the unimaginative - dull -
>>>> boring -
>>>> > call it what you will Ubuntu 8.10
>>>> Would you like to say a bit more why it's "dull" and "boring", and why
>>>> you
>>>> feel the need to express such negative feelings about it?
>>>> I wouldn't expect any version upgrades to be particularly exciting, just
>>>> a
>>>> load of newer versions of components tested and packaged together.
>>>> Ubuntu 8.10
>>>> does exactly this. Remember that 8.04 released with a beta version of
>>>> Firefox
>>>> 3. For people who want to install Linux without the need to upgrade
>>>> their web
>>>> browser before doing anything else, 8.10 is generally a good thing.
>>>> There's no
>>>> point distributing Linux with 6 month old components, and leaving the
>>>> user to
>>>> upgrade things to current versions.
>>>> I'm not saying there aren't problems... for anyone who had a launch
>>>> button on
>>>> their Gnome bars that referenced $HOME will have discovered that it
>>>> isn't
>>>> referenced correctly any more (notably impacting on Wine, which installs
>>>> with
>>>> a "Browse C:" launcher, which worked under 8.04, and breaks under 8.10
>>>> until
>>>> you install the patch, or fix it yourself). But these problems aren't
>>>> necessarily the fault of Ubuntu... more likely down to more recent
>>>> releases of
>>>> Gnome, which seems to have some "careless" bugs in it, but nothing that
>>>> a few
>>>> minor patches won't fix, and just about everyone is used to downloading
>>>> and
>>>> installing upgrade patches these days.
>>>> When all is said and done, 8.10 isn't a long term support release, it's
>>>> just a
>>>> regular update, it isn't anything to write home about, and it's faults
>>>> aren't
>>>> that serious. To go on to say that anyone who says this is a good thing
>>>> deserves community service is silly. What did you expect? The Moon on a
>>>> stick?
>>>> Steve
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