[Nottingham] Digital cameras & Christmas!

Jason Liquorish jason at dropshock.com
Tue Nov 18 01:18:01 UTC 2008

Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> OK... So I'm bewildered with the digi-camera choice and wild range of
> prices...
No kidding! I have just spent the past week reading threw the plethora 
of review and deal sites.

> Any comments from anyone for particularly good examples/deals?

> 1: Cheapie point'n'shoot, preferably able to work also as a glorified
> webcam;
This is pretty much the criteria I was looking for, although I did not 
really care for the webcam function. I have finally settled on a Canon 
IXUS 80IS from Amazon at a rather good price of £120.

> 2: Good point'n'shoot with optical viewfinder, x4 optical zoom,
> point'n'shoot but with the options for manual override;
My current camera (which I am selling) seems to fit just about into this 
criteria apart from it exceeding the zoom level. It is a Panasonic 
DMC-FZ7 that I have found a joy to own and would recommend to anyone. 
The only downside to it is the size, and this is also the reason I am 
swapping it for something smaller. This is obviously not a problem for 
someone more into photography than myself.

> Any ideas other than throwing darts into a camera catalog?!
That could produce some interesting results.

It would certainly be interested knowing what cameras other members have 
and what your own research throws up. I am hoping to make it to the meet 
on Thurs, will be my first one, but going from past experiences 
something usually comes up that stops me attending.

Good luck with your camera hunting!

Jason Liquorish <jason at dropshock.com>

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