[Nottingham] Navigation Meet confirmed, Thursday Nov 20th, 7:30pm onwards.

Jason Liquorish jason at dropshock.com
Tue Nov 18 01:22:47 UTC 2008

ForkBombFluf wrote:
> Hello all,
> This hereby denotes confirmation that at least three of us, bare minimum, 
> should be on hand at the Navigation on Thursday evening with equipment, so 
> that others may compare the size, shape, and feel of some of our closest 
> friends, namely:
> -The dainty 7" Asus eeepc 701 graced by Xandros
> -The delightful 8.9" Acer Aspire One sporting Linspire,
> -And possibly one of the 10" Eee models as well.
I really should attempt to get to this one, I am looking to purchase an 
eee 701 or 900 within the near future and could do with a test drive. I 
have pretty much dismissed the Aspire One due to reports of a sluggish 
SSD and the weird mouse config though.

I hope to make the meet and finally meet you guys for the first time 
although something usually comes up and so far a job interview is in the 

Jason Liquorish <jason at dropshock.com>

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