[Nottingham] Digital cameras & Christmas!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 13:11:03 UTC 2008

ForkBombFluf wrote:
> One of the first photos he took with it was of the motherboard of an iMac 
> in our (poorly lit) office, (no tripod, extra lighting, etc.) and I 
> thought the detail you could garner from the board (considering the 
> circumstances) was pretty good.
> He's kindly sent it to me, and I've temporarily stuck it up at:
> http://fluf.chaosnet.org/sickimac.jpg

Five bulging smoothing capacitors about to blow... If not a scrapper,
was it fixed with some low ESR replacements?

> The FZ18 has now been replaced with the FZ28, but he believes the only 
> change in the new model is to a higher resolution CCD.

I'm a little concerned that the image noise increases as you move to
higher pixel counts (and smaller photo-sites on the sensor).


Anyone know how well the Fuji "Finepix" sensors perform? Do they have a
significantly greater dynamic range compared to the conventional CMOS
and CCD sensors? Pros and cons?


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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