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Matt Jones msjones at fidler.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 08:48:35 UTC 2008

There are 3 analogue ports on the AVAYA switch that the current fax machines
are hooked up too. Would this work, or would a dedicated line be more

Also can I do both incoming & outgoing from one modem?

I am going to try the analogue ports shortly, will report back.

I have something in my inittab file. Can somebody explain what it actually

*# modem getty.
# mo:235:respawn:/usr/sbin/mgetty -s 38400 modem

# fax getty (hylafax)
# mo:35:respawn:/usr/lib/fax/faxgetty /dev/modem

# vbox (voice box) getty
# I6:35:respawn:/usr/sbin/vboxgetty -d /dev/ttyI6
# I7:35:respawn:/usr/sbin/vboxgetty -d /dev/ttyI7

# S1:23:respawn:/usr/sbin/faxgetty /dev/ttyS0

# mo:2345:respawn:/usr/lib/fax/faxgetty /dev/ttySx

# end of /etc/inittab

*Which one should I uncomment? I am not to sure with this, or what it does.

Thanks for all the help, its very much appreciated.


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 6:04 PM, Peter Woods <peterwoods at f2s.com> wrote:

> Matt Jones wrote:
> > Hi martin.
> >
> > I am using Suse Linux Enterprise 10.0.
> >
> > The modem us running to an Avaya VOIP system which runs to a ISDN 30
> > circuit.
> >
> >
> The Avaya interface may be your problem.
> The "line circuit" on new equipment often tries to be clever and save
> heat, power, etc
> by providing a constant current (as opposed to a constant voltage like
> the old stuff.)
> UNFORTUNATELY, if the modem is trying the same trick you will get ZILCH.
> (The modem should, of course, provide a constant resistance to the
> constant voltage from the "exchange".)
> Two constant current devices will fight each other and one will not
> saturate, hence no voice-band signal.
> This used to be a problem (occasionally) about 5-8 years ago,
> but may be more or less prevalent now (since I left the telephone
> industry.)
> I would try the modem in other telephone lines.
> It might be a long shot, but if that IS the problem, you are bu**ered.
> It is fairly unlikely the modem has any kind of internal setting to
> avoid this.
> HTH and that's not your problem
> Pete Woods
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