[Nottingham] Converting mp3 to ogg

Jim Moore jmthelostpacket at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 16 01:09:50 UTC 2009

mp3workshop - yes, it's another win32 prog but it handles pretty much
anything to do with wav, mp3 and complex tagging. The bad news: it
doesn't do ogg. Oh yeah, and it, too, works in WINE - with far better
thread handling than in native Win32 environments. There's a
commercial package called TagRename that does just tags, it's an
excellent piece of kit but I've unfortunately had no experience
running that in Linux. IF it does run in WINE (would be excellent if
it does!) then it would be an invaluable addition to any Linux music
guru's software collection.

I might actually have a go and let you know how things turn out...

On 8/16/09, Camilo Mesias <camilo at mesias.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> I once had to do a similar thing to convert ogg back to mp3, because
> although we once had ogg-friendly personal music players, we ended up
> with several that would play mp3 but not ogg. Although ogg is a noble
> cause, mp3 is very much the de-facto format.
> Converting the audio seems quite easy, you might even be able to
> stream the intermediate wav through pipes to avoid having huge
> temporary files. I didn't manage to do that, instead I decoded and
> re-encoded the files one at a time. I used oggdec and lame.
> I digress. I wanted to say - the easy bit is converting the audio. It
> was much harder to get the tag information copied across correctly,
> for all files even ones with annoying non-ascii characters or missing
> tags. I used a combination of shell and Perl scripts like this:
> # decode the ogg file
> oggdec "$1" -q -o $wavfile || success=no
> if [ $success = "yes" ] ; then
>   # re-encode as mp3
>   mkdir -p "$mp3dir"
>   lame --quiet $wavfile "$mp3file" || success=no
>   if [ $success = "yes" ] ; then
>     # transfer tags
>     oggtagtomp3tag.pl "$oggfile" "$mp3file"
>   else
>     echo "Failed to lame up $wavfile (from $oggfile to $mp3file)"
>   fi
> The Perl script to transfer the tags was considerably more messy than
> that - so, if anyone knows of a tool that manages the audio and does
> sensible things with tags, supports the different versions of mp3tags,
> even letting you control which charset / encoding is used, I'd be very
> interested.
> -Cam
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