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GlynAllinson g_allinson at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 5 12:07:19 UTC 2009

Not used windows 7 myself but my other half thinks its great. Seems to have less problems than vista. 
On a plus it plays most video files without installing codec packs, a  for gaming seems game guard is alittle awkward. 
Personally i'd rather use Ubuntu or XP.

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On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, g_allinson at ntlworld.com wrote:

> Hi All This n00b's still going to come to the meet, think I'll introduce 
> myself which i didn't do in my first post. (how rude of me)
> Well My names Glyn, 34. live in sherwood. I've not been using Linux that 
> long only about 2 years, mostly Ubuntu now. Have 8 PC's in the house, 1 
> with Vista, 4 with XP, 1 with Windows 7 beta and 2 with Ubuntu. The 
> Ubuntu machine are mine, tho I still use 1 of the XP machines now and 
> then. Most Gamers here (not me)
> Well thats enough for now.
> Take Care.
> Glyn

Hi Glyn,

Welcome to the fold.  I've got the machine/OS plethora going on too 
(including Apple Macs in the mix), though I haven't found the time or 
inclination to test drive Windows 7 beta just yet.  How do you like it so 
far?  Any less frustrating than Vista? :-)

I probably won't make tomorrow nights meeting, but hope to make your 
acquiantance at some stage in the future.

The next meet after tomorrow will be the social in about a fortnight-- 
March 18th at Antalya (a Turkish restaurant of some note).

Back at the Navigation for tech meet and beer on April 2nd.



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