[Nottingham] 123-reg support

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Thu Mar 12 18:57:47 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 11 Mar 2009, godfrey wrote:

> So, as they do not support PHP either, I am looking for a new home for some
> sites. I do not ask for anything fancy, just storage space and a scripting
> language with the ability to send me anything from a 'contact me' form. And
> of course mail handling with a couple of mailboxes (or email forwarding).
> Any suggestions?

I've been using Orchard Hosting (www.orchardhosting.com) for a few years: I've 
always found them reliable and quick to respond to questions.   (In fact I 
was setting up a domain for a friend recently and needed to ask a question on 
his behalf - having told him I'd expect an answer the next morning as it was 
than 9-30pm, I actually had a reply half an hour later, before he went 

All the packages provide storage, php5, perl, ruby on rails, mysql and email; 
all but the most basic package provide subdomains and add-on domains and 
multiple email addresses.   I can confirm that sendmail works, and that 
mail() in php5 works.   You don't get shell access, but there's a control 
panel implementation which allows cron jobs, permissions editing, file 
management, file editing and all sorts of stuff - the file editing can be 
useful for putting in a quick fix when away from your usual web editing 

I was on an older 'basic' package than the one they now do, and now have a 
sort of hybrid of their present 'basic' and 'bronze' packages - I've got 
Bronze bandwidth, Basic storage space and a few other compromises like that 
and a price half way in between.  I'll probably ask them to upgrade it to 
Bronze next time, not so much because I have any immediate need of the extras 
but because I'd rather have a standard set of terms to look up - and I think 
their service is worth the extra few quid anyway!

David Aldred

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