[Nottingham] Trouble with Ubuntu 9.04

Bob Marshall mbob71 at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 16:36:43 UTC 2009

Hi all - I wonder if someone might be able to help me;  I have been running Ubuntu on my PC since 7.04 and have found all the newer versions have worked well.  I had a good mature installation of 8.10 and tried to run 9.04 as a live session from a disc pressed by Canonical, with limited success, running in 'Safe Graphics Mode' only

I replaced the graphics card, an ATI X1050 128 MB with an NVIDIA 8400GS 256 MB and this runs very well with my Windows XP on a separate Hard Disc Drive.  It also runs Puppy, Zenwalk and Fedora as live sessions, but Ubuntu 9.04 WILL NOT PLAY AT ALL, although the installed 8.10 works well; attempting to upgrade from 'inside' 8.10 failed with the message 'Loading, please wait', but however long I waited, nothing happened.

A brief message appears, even with 8.10 about an unexpected IRQ trap at some location, but it disappears before I can note it down and then starts as normal.

I have, with a little wheedling, succeeded in trying 9.04 as a live session on my wife's XP box and everything works beautifully!  She too has an NVIDIA 8400 gs card and a SATA hard drive.

Any help anyone could offer would be more than welcome, and I am quite prepared to pay the going rate for anyone who can rescue me!

Bob Marshall.

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