[Nottingham] Ubuntu apt-get issue

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sun May 31 16:15:23 UTC 2009

On Sunday 31 May 2009, Sergiusz Pawlowicz wrote:
> On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 15:24, David Aldred <david at familyaldred.org.uk> 
> > On Saturday 30 May 2009, Sergiusz Pawlowicz wrote:
> >> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 21:07, David Aldred <david at familyaldred.org.uk>
> >
> > wrote:
> >> > Anyone got any ideas on this?
> >>
> >> ser at zx~> cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20proxy
> >> Acquire::http::proxy "";
> >
> > Er, not quite with you.  That's a University of Nottingham server, isn't
> > it?
> >
> > I tried creating that file with those contents, just in case, but it made
> > no difference; I'm not sure a University proxy would accept connections
> > from outside the University network anyway!
> Sorry if I was not clear - you need to specify your own proxy in this
> file, I am using uni proxy.

Ah, right

But I don't need to use a proxy; I'm trying to use direct connection (through 
the router).  The netbook has no proxy set, but works!

However, your response has helped.   Not in apt.conf.d, but 
in  /etc/apt/apt.conf there was a http proxy line as in teh one you quoted; 
deleting this has made things work - so thanks!

I'd posted a request for help on the  ubuntu forums too - I'll post his as a 

I suspect what has happened is that on installation the proxy has been set in 
apt.conf, and that unsetting it in the Synaptic GUI doesn't look there for 
the setting!

David Aldred

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