[Nottingham] [Talk] Thurs 05/11/2009 What is there for a 'techie' Christmas?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 00:19:41 UTC 2009


Firstly... We're still at the Nav! There's been a recent change of 
management/landlord there and we're welcome this Thursday. We can 
reassess the beer there ;-)

And... What? Christmas trees and decorations in the shops ALREADY?! 
Eeeeek!!! By Eck!

So what's happening in the world of computers, gadgets, and linux? What 
new goodies are there to play with? And are we there yet for computing 
nirvana? (Even with linux still down in the sub-1%?...[*])

All at our favourite venue:

The Navigation


*Thursday 05/11/2009*

Meet:	19:30
(in the bar somewhere - look for penguins or just shout "where's NLUG!")

Talk/Questions/Discussion:	20:00
(in the room upstairs)

Beers and Linux and other topics until 23:00

The Navigation Inn
6 Wilford Street
Tel: 0115 9417139


We are in the large room upstairs. Unfortunately, no WiFi access until
their adsl gets reconnected!

Food there will be available from sometime next week.

To find us, just look for any penguins or a cluster of netbooks!
Or ask the friendly bar staff.

All welcome,



"Throughout October,  various versions of Windows made up 92.52 percent 
of the browsing market, with Mac OS X taking 5.27 per cent, and Linux at 
0.96 percent."

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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