[Nottingham] Welcome?

ForkBombFluf fluf at freeshell.org
Fri Sep 4 08:17:00 UTC 2009

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Andy wrote:

> Well my ever geeky wife Stefnee does. Thought not this week we are off 
> to see Tim Michen in Derby tonight.
> Andy

Who ya' calling geek, *Mister* GEEK?!?

Doh.  Even Tim Minchen called me a geek from onstage last night... Maybe 
I really *should* rethink my branding schema.

(Ooooh, sorry NLUGers, I forgot...  Shouldn't use the "s" word around 
Martin, he waxes all philosophical and it's hard to get him off the 
ceiling when you've only got complementary Ubuntu DVDs to throw.)



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