[Nottingham] Welcome?

ForkBombFluf fluf at freeshell.org
Fri Sep 4 08:47:08 UTC 2009

On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Rory Holland wrote:

> I'm a bit new to all this LUG stuff, can someone let me know what you
> actually do at your meetings?
> Thank you

It's usually some mix of eating, drinking, socialising and talking geek 
amongst attendees.  Some are die-hard Linux gurus, developers, and 
believers in the healing power of open source, while some are occasional 
users, or just Linux-curious.

Some are even in-between extremes.

Sometimes there's a speaker giving an organised talk.

Sometimes it's a fix-it session for anyone to bring a system in
and a subsequent group effort to help them get it up and running.

Sometimes there is semi free-form bantar around a general topic;
a few past ones that spring to mind are backup schemes, filesystems,
and the user friendliness (or lack thereof) of various systems.

Sometimes there's a lan party, and an inordinate amount time is
spent trying to get a functional wi-fi network.

Sometimes there's extreme medical gore, where people feel compelled to 
turn away or leave the room.

Sometimes Michael Simms snorts Coca-Cola out his nose.

And sometimes there's some other stuff too...



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