[Nottingham] Large disks and storage

Sergiusz Pawlowicz sergiusz at pawlowicz.name
Tue Sep 8 14:03:22 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 14:55, Camilo Mesias<camilo at mesias.co.uk> wrote:
> There's been a lot of talk on here about large disks and filesystems
> lately. What do people think about LVM and LVM2? Is it in a good
> state?
> I've had a few gripes, mainly that there aren't good graphical tools
> for working with storage, but also that once I started using LVM2 my
> cherished ancient rescue CDs would no longer be able to mount and
> rescue partitions on modern systems...
> The way I see it, things like LVM could be more of a problem than mere
> filesystems for long term maintenance of storage. And that's before
> using any form of encryption etc.

LVM2 is in perfect condition and I cannot imagine a server without it.
But I do not use any graphical tools to manage storage.

Of course new rescue cd/usb distros fully utilize LVM2.


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