[Nottingham] Creepier, snootier, and more insistent than Mac owners?

Jim Moore jmthelostpacket at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 29 22:55:09 UTC 2009

Bob Marshall wrote:
> Oh yes, it was - but did you read about 'the other operating systems 
> available' and their adherents?  Mac-heads came out of this reasonably 
> intact!  Now where is Stephen Fry when you need him?
> Bob M.

I was buying a new printer yesterday (Currys have a nice HP at £29.99), 
and out of idle curiosity, asked where the Linux netbooks are.
Dumbfounded stare is what I got back.
OK, says I, where is the Linux option? On any machine in here?
Again, dumbfounded stare.
Alright, says I, where is the bare option? No operating system?
Oh, we don't do that, says "Stuart". It's part of the system.
Hate to tell him software is NOT part of the package - contract law says 
when you buy the hardware you're buying the hardware, getting physical 
goods in exchange for cashmoney gives you statutory coverage and 
consumer protection. No such coverage exists for software (hell you have 
to ACCEPT a license agreement indemnifying the software makers against 
damages claims before you get to use it!) hence it CANNOT be considered 
part of the package, hence it CAN be removed.

That's just my opinion, ICBW.

Are more people violently opposed to wearing fur than leather because it's easier to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs? 

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