[Nottingham] BBC iPlayer

Simon Sleaford simon.sleaford at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 13:07:14 UTC 2009

Hello all

I'm trying to use BBC iPlayer on my lowly netbook. What's confusing me is
that streaming the programmes works without a hitch, fluid fullscreen
playback. If I download the files for offline watching then it really
struggles, with lots of dropped frames. I've tried disabling compiz and it
makes no difference at all. This is frustraing for me because I have a slow
connection at home but a very fast one at work so I'd rather download  a few
files to watch in the evenings when streaming isn't possible.

Other than buying a beefier machine (not possible currently) can anybody
give me any suggestions of things to try to get this working a little

For the record, I'm running Ubuntu 9.04, restricted codecs installed, flash
player 10 installed. Netbook is a EEE1000h with 2gb of RAM.


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