[Nottingham] Aspire One Performance

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Sep 30 16:08:57 UTC 2009

Iain Moppett wrote:
> Hi,
> Same issue for me.  Running JNR (9.04) on an Aspire One. 
> ... "The interface is slow and unresponsive; hovering over an icon will
> take a good few seconds before it "highlights", and I'll have to wait a
> while when opening applications." ...
>  Exactly the same. I too tried downloading the iplayer files, but the
> playback was jerky and even managed to unsynch the video and sound.
> Streaming is rather better (wireless) though it does have to pause
> itself occasionally.  I assumed that the graphics card wasn't up to the
> job, but maybe it is a software issue.
> I'll be intrigued to know if folk have heard of a solution.


I'm using Mandriva 2009.1 (Spring). Even with the presumed bloat of KDE, 
all works smoothly including video and streaming.

The only issue is that I have to kill "knotify" otherwise it will just 
sit there taking 50% and draining the battery!

One thing to note: The Atom is an "i686" and NOT 64-bit...

Another aside: I'm using ext4 on the SSD.

Good luck,

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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