[Nottingham] BBC iPlayer

Jim Moore jmthelostpacket at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 30 17:20:48 UTC 2009

Simon Sleaford wrote:
> Thanks guys, I've installed get_iplayer and it seems to be working 
> perfectly. I'm able to download television and radio shows now to 
> watch/listen to offline.
> Any ideas how I can download a film it says isn't in the listings? I 
> downloaaded Brazil this afternoon through the iplayer desktop app but 
> of course it won't play back correctly for me. When I use grep to 
> search for brazil in the listings it says it isn't available. If I 
> search for films a few films pop up but Brazil is not one of them. I 
> assume it's been removed due for being 7 days since it was screened. 
> Is there any way to find the prrogram number and try to download it 
> still or am I out of luck?
> Thanks again
> Simon
Brazil is available on the torrents. If you're not prepared to wait a 
week(!) for your torrent to download, I have it in high motion mpeg-1 
format from my dvd and could quite easily drop you a more portable file 
format (such as mp4 for handhelds).



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