[Nottingham] [Talk] Wednesday 04/08/2010 What distro? And why so many of 'em?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Aug 5 11:35:01 UTC 2010

On 02/08/10 13:17, Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> What Linux distro? And why so many of 'em?
> Keeping up with the multiple distro releases is an impossible job for
> most people, there's so many distros! From this week's Distro Watch
> http://distrowatch.com/
> there were 3 distros released last week and another is upcoming. That's
> just for one week! There's a top 100 distros and there's many more than
> that... And yet most people outside of Linux have heard of at most just
> /two/ OSes/systems...

I think the netbooks gave the game away last night :-)

We sort of went through the talk bullet-points while parallel
multitasking on fixing a netbook and a laptop and running through the
bits that make up Linux. All good fun.

Ran out of time to cover the specialist distros but then again, a
Mandriva "LiveCD" on a memory stick was used to subvert a broken Debian
install. Does that make a new convert? So why would an apt-get update
clobber /dev or at least something vital in /dev ?

Also tantalised with a few ideas for a (near) continuous torque (radial)
Stirling engine design...

And we were well on the way to finishing off the last of the drinks in
the Nav :-( It's a good friendly venue with good WiFi. Hopefully they
can stay afloat.

Next meet is a foodie social at the Hockley Red Hot Buffet Shack on
Wed 18th Aug.

Was anyone at the Geekup on Monday? How'd that go?


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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