[Nottingham] Trouble compiling kernel on suse

Graham Dicker graham.dicker at antecor.com
Sun Aug 8 07:36:34 UTC 2010

On Saturday 07 August 2010 22:53:45 Roger Light wrote:

> Are you trying to compile the kernel from sources you've downloaded
> yourself, or ones from the package manager?

Only from package manager (Yast). However, running a verify on the package 
spews out a squillion header file discrepancies and include/linux/types.h is 
one of those e.g. :-

grahampc:/usr/src/linux # rpm -V kernel-source | grep types
.......T    /usr/src/linux-
.......T    /usr/src/linux-
S.5....T    /usr/src/linux-

At this moment I don't know how to safely re-install the package but will read 
the rpm man entry later on tonight (I'm out all day today).

I'm not 100% sure I actually installed the kernel-source package myself - it 
might have been installed for me during the installation of Suse.

I last fiddled with trying a different kernel back in February and at that 
time it all seemed to work OK but I presume this was because I was installing 
a kernel from the package manager so it was pre-compiled.



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