[Nottingham] Trouble compiling kernel on suse

Graham Dicker graham.dicker at antecor.com
Sun Aug 8 15:29:32 UTC 2010

On Sunday 08 August 2010 14:25:27 Martin wrote:
> Mmmm... Best check that you have actually got installed all that you
> need to have installed.

I googled for how to build the kernel various places but I have so far found 
none with an exhaustive list of prerequisites. I don't know how to check in 
the absence of a prerequisite-checking target in the Makefile.

> Typically, you will also need a few compiler tools such as bison and
> others. Look to see if the autoconf complains about anything when you
> try a "make".

My original posting shows the output from make. It doesn't say anything about 
missing tools. I don't have autoconf or bison installed (but I could: they're 
on the distribution disk). There doesn't appear to be a tool checking target 
in the Makefile.

> But meanwhile, very good and exciting it is to go kernel compiling...
> But what is it you're trying to fix with the compile?

Rosegarden complains that my timer resolution is too low. The current kernel 
was compiled with a 250 Hz resolution and I am trying to compile the kernel to 
provide something higher maybe 1000 Hz.


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