[Nottingham] Web attack knows where you live...

Going It Alone reggaemaker at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 21:24:31 UTC 2010

> A second interesting point in that story is the severe penalty meted out
> for exploiting a weakeness in Facebook...

For me that's the most interesting point.

Did he embezzle millions.. no  Did he leak sensitive user information.. no.

How many times has the likes of myspace & facebook been in the news
regarding their insecurity.  They will happily allow millions of
computer ignorant (no offence intended) users to use their service,
whilst those same users are totally unaware of how exposed they really
are.  To those type of users, if it requires a username and password
it's secure enough....

This begs the question.  How many governments use these kind exploits
as part of their 'I-Spy' games and how many of them are penalised by
the judicial system?

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