[Nottingham] [Talk] Wednesday 01/12/2010 The Anatomy of WordPress

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Dec 2 01:16:06 UTC 2010

On 26/11/10 14:31, Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> We have the new NLUG website up. It's a good start and still work to do
> on it to jazz it up a bit. (All help welcomed! ;-) )
> For our December meeting, Christopher kindly details the 'what' and the
> 'how' of the website in:
> *The Anatomy of WordPress*

Despite a cold dark and wintry night...

Thanks to Chris for a good and very practical demonstration of how
WordPress pages are pretty much bolted together. The web browsers do
some very good work in how they 'float' the pieces around on the display
to put together what you finally see. A very nice progression away from
the old days of 'frames' and 'tables'...

Thanks also to Pete for some unexpected Christmas cheer! :-)

Good also to welcome a couple of new faces to the group.

> All at The Navigation

After being 'regulars' for rather a long time, all no more...

The Navigation is up to let and the installed 'caretaker' landlady does
not wish our presence there. Even though we were clearly her main
business for the evening, we were not welcomed. I'm quite taken aback
being as we had chatted during our group meet the previous month, and at
that time all appeared fine. I think we were all rather surprised! So...

We did a hop over to a nearby pub where Chris gave his talk/demo.
Unfortunately, that one closed at 9:30pm! I guess Wednesday evenings are
a little quiet in that area...

I've already reconnoitred a couple of other establishments in the nearby
area. Both serve a good and wide selection of excellent beers, have a
quiet space for us, were open for the full evening, and will welcome us
over. Also, one serves food all day and into the evening. To be chased
up ready for our January meet.

Suggestions/recommendations for any other venues are welcomed also.

Our next meet is our Christmas social Wednesday 15/12/2010 at Kayal:

Tasting Kayal and Kerala

As discussed, the Southern India 'backwaters' style cooking has tasty
spices that /don't/ blow your head off. It's a 1000 miles away from the
blow-your-bits-off-vin-de-loo and is much more for good tasting cuisine.

Mmmm... I'm getting hungry already.

I've booked a table. Please let me know so that I can confirm numbers.

Cheers All,

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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