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Steve Hawkins h84ll1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 20:57:23 UTC 2010

I did try to reply to this before but I'm not sure it got through,
I haven't seen it come up, maybe I broke the format of replying by deleting
a lot of the content. Anyhow......

If you can get a live CD going I would personally try this before getting
too down and dirty with the Terminal;

   1. Get it booted (i'm assuming ubuntu Live CD here)
   2. Attach the drive you wish to back your files up to, making sure it
   connect and you can access it ok
   3. Open the Terminal and enter "gksudo nautilus" (without the quotes)
   4. This should launch nautilus, the file browser, with root permission so
   you can get stuff done in the GUI
   5. Hopefully you can now browse to where the files you want are and then
   copy and paste to the drive you attached in point 2
   6. When your done with it close everything out and shut down the Live CD

I used to use gksudo to access menu.lst to edit it easily when I used to
have problems with it in 8.04, hopefully it will be able to give you easy
powerful GUI access to the file system.

If you can't get that going because of hardware issues I'd whip the drive
out and copy stuff out with another computer. I've actually got some kit
that will let you hook up an IDE or SATA hard drive via USB. If you wanted /
needed to borrow it, just send me a direct email and we'll sort something

Hopefully this will post, and hopefully it might help :-)

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> Hi Guys,
> I'm starting to think it may be a hardware problem too. Does the live CD
> create a temp file on the hard disk to use a bit like swap space? I noticed
> my hard disk light was running when I tried to boot from the live CD. Could
> be just checking what hardware is available but noticed it was on during the
> startup until it shutdown again.
> I got hold of a copy of the new knoppix 6.4 by buying a linux mag (linux
> user I think) but no joy same as Ubuntu 8.04. it is a double sided DVD and
> has fedora 14 on the other side so will give it a try too.
> Thanks for the help Duncan. Will keep you informed.
> Cheers
> Barry
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