[Nottingham] Deleting virtual CD drive from Western Digital USB HDD

Simon Sleaford simon.sleaford at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 11:42:05 UTC 2010

Hello all

I'm having a spot of bother with a small USB hard drive that I recently
bought. It's 320GB capacity drive but only 319GB usable to me, the remaining
portion is filled with Windows software and .pdf files for the drive and
mounts on my Linux system as a "Virtual CD".

When I check it with the mount command it shows as follows:

*/dev/sr1 on /media/WD SmartWare type udf

I can see it is set as read-only and udf filesystem. I want to be able to
delete this partition and the files within it and make it usable to me. I've
tried unmounting it and remounting as RW but all that happens is I can see
the files delete and then when I mount the drive again the files have
returned, I'm guessing due to the UDF formatting. No luck using Gparted, it
doesn't see it because it thinks it is a CD so I can't delete this pesky
partition there either.

Can anybody furnish me with a few suggestions of further things to try? The
Western Digital site has a download that you can use to remove this "Virtual
CD" but predictably it is for Windows only.


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