[Nottingham] Introduction

Mat Booth mbooth at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 15 15:50:13 UTC 2010

On 15 September 2010 12:18, Bob Marshall <mbob71 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello, Mr Booth.  I am quite sure you will find a welcome at the Navigation when you come to see us there; I am not so certain that your expressed attitude, that of 'winding up Ubuntu users' will be quite so well-received.
> We have fought long and hard here to get Linux accepted in its many manifestations; to have a new member come with the intention of causing disharmony and dismay is not what LUGs are for.  You obviously consider yourself superior to other, presumably unworthy, users of Linux and are quite prepared to belittle and ridicule them for their choice of distribution.  You are, of course, quite entitled to think, and within certain limits, to say whatever you think, but this surely is little but a rehash of the 'get back to Microsoft, you're too stupid to understand Linux - we don't need your sort, pleb' attitude that we have had to fight against for so long.
> I don't use Ubuntu, but it has brought freedom from the clutches of Microsoft to many; an attitude like yours can do nothing but turn back the clock; of course, that may be precisely what you want, to keep your own little baby pure and hidden from the nasty world of those who don't compile their own kernels and wouldn't if they could.
> Elitism is almost always destructive to everyone concerned; I had hoped it had largely disappeared from the LUG scene; with people like you, however, it seems I was mistaken.
> You sound a thoroughly snobbish, superior and unpleasant person Mr Booth, and if I do not make your acquaintance I shall not shed any tears over it.
> Bob Marshall.

Hi Bob,

I can only apologise.

I tried to open with a joke (bad advice, as it turns out,) so I am
very sorry to those who did not interpret it as I intended. I always
find it hard to convey tone via text (hence the smilies.)

I'm sure we can agree that first impressions are not only hard to get
right but are also not always accurate, so I do still look forward to
meeting you all and I hope we can start on better terms face to face.


Mat Booth

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