[Nottingham] Anybody got a spare PSU?

Richard Hodgson rich at dearinternet.com
Tue Jan 25 14:32:52 UTC 2011

I've got an OCZ 400W Stealth XStream PSU that I think has just snuffed it;
it went from intermittently not powering up, to completely dying on me.

I'd like to confirm this before I send it away under warranty though; I
don't suppose anybody has a spare PSU that they'd be willing to offer for so
that I can test the rest of my components, or perhaps use until I get it
replaced? This is my main dev box, and whilst my university project work is
stored elsewhere, it would be nice to continue working on it on my main
machine. Luckily I managed to export the VM environment I was using to an
external drive just before it died, although the idea of trying to get that
running smoothly on my 5 year old Dell laptop (which sadly I've never got
the wireless working on under Linux, so back to XP :() doesn't exactly fill
me with hope.

If you have a PSU with SATA power connectors, that'd be even better, though
I suppose that I could use some molex converters in the meantime :)

Cheers all!

*Richard Hodgson*
E: rich at dearinternet.com
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