[Nottingham] Backups: How do you do yours?

notlug notlug at pendinas.org.uk
Wed Mar 16 15:37:01 UTC 2011

On 16/03/11 12:07, john.whitehead at romo.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We use rsnapshot which is an excellent wrapper around rsync which handles daily / weekly rotations.
> http://www.rsnapshot.org/
> We junked Arcserve a long time ago and now use this for multiple Windows & Linux boxes.

I run rsnapshot on a linkstation where it quietly does an hourly backup of windows
and linux machines.
It does have a dangerous "feature" you need to be aware of.  It rotates everything
(deleting the oldest backup) before it knows whether it has a good next backup.
If it fails several times in succession you can easily (and quietly) lose your last
good backup of everything.

Have fun,
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