[Nottingham] Routers

Rory Holland rory at linux.com
Sat Oct 15 09:57:47 UTC 2011

As long as the router is adhering to the 802.11 wireless standards, your
wireless card on Ubuntu will be able to get onto it (as long as you already
got the wireless card working).

Linksys WRT54GS

On 15 October 2011 10:54, Ron Wilton <ron_w_add at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello
>  I'm looking at getting a router, etc to get our two computer connected
> wirelessly along with internet connection.
>  I'm only looking for a 'G+' rated system, but am wondering whether they
> are easy to install when using Ubuntu (10.04).
>  I'd be grateful for any advice or suggestions, please.
>  Thanks
>  Ron
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