[Nottingham] rms

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 09:08:40 UTC 2011

> ... these two codecs?

There's a tidied-up free/libre unencumbered version yet to be made
available, soon...

> I think my irony meter just exploded...


Certainly controversial, entertaining, and thought provoking at the very least.

Can an academic ideal of completely freely sharing and completely
free/libre open development all for the *good of everyone* , triumph
over present day business practices (and present day politics)?

Is there a way of business that can fund an academic ideal of
completely free freedom? (The freedom is certainly highly valuable!)

I can't help but feel computing should be very much better than the
encumbered mess we have at present that does more to stifle progress
rather than to speed up new development. The only people to profit are
the lawyers exploiting the multiplicity of litigation...


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