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Sat Sep 24 00:49:04 UTC 2011

"We want to hold more real world events on a regular basis, but don=92t
want to concentrate everything in one location, so we are going to
hold an approximately monthly Ubuntu Hour at a pub in some part of the
country. This way every couple of months everyone should be able to
find a meetup that isn=92t massively inconvenient to get to. If you
think your part of the country is being neglected then join the
#ubuntu-uk IRC channel and nominate a pub near you! Generally we will
meet at 8PM unless otherwise noted (feel free to turn up earlier) and
there should be someone making themselves fairly obvious and making an
effort to look out for people arriving up to about 9PM, from then on
proceedings are undefined, stay there, go for food, drift off home,
try another pub, it=92s up to you."

On 10th Nov, it's Nottingham's turn.

we're meeting up at The Roundhouse, time to be confirmed.

If you fancy coming along i'll see you there :)

Paul [MooDoo]

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