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Subject: UK: Save the Internet from Big Brother
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 14:50:17 -0400
From: Iain Keith - Avaaz.org <avaaz at avaaz.org>
To: david at gbenet.com <david at gbenet.com>

Dear friends across the UK,

The government wants to give itself new powers to spy on our internet and email use in real
time -- but a massive national outcry can save the internet and stop the big brother law.

Public outrage is growing and news reports suggest that Cameron and Clegg are being forced
to slow down their march to secure draconian powers to spy on what we do online. If we pile
on the pressure now, we can persuade them to back off the big brother bill for good.

The last time this was mooted in Parliament it failed precisely because of strong public
opposition. Our call to Cameron, Clegg and Home Secretary Theresa May can protect our
privacy and save the internet. Sign the petition to beat back big brother and forward widely:


The proposed law is being discussed behind closed doors, with no public confirmation of
safeguards or other details by the government. What little is known is that the spying law
would make accessible a list of everything we do on the net, including friends we interact
with, all pages we visit and other internet habits, creating a treasure trove of information
about us.

According to a recent poll, more than 94% of citizens are worried about the government’s web
surveillance plans, and former police chief Sir Chris Fox has spoken out against the law.
But the government is trying to sell it to the public by claiming it’s a mere “updating” of
legislation -- rather than a new onslaught on our civil liberties. This snooping legislation
allows authorities to spy on us without justification and creates a dangerous precedent for
future actions that could include restricting access, tracking file-sharing and monitoring
specific websites worldwide.

In 2009, the Tories spoke out against a similar snooping law proposed by Labour -- let’s now
call out their about-face and stop this invasion of our privacy in its tracks. Our wave of
protest against the government’s big brother bill can ensure it’s not included in the
legislation agenda for the coming session when the Queen gives her speech next month. Click
below to add your voice:


>From the dangerous SOPA/PIPA legislation in the US to ACTA and internet freedom in India, Brasil and elsewhere, Avaaz members have defended a free and open internet and pushed governments and big business to keep their hands off our web. Now it’s time to rally together again. 

With hope,

Iain, Antonia, Emma, Alex, Nat and the entire Avaaz team


Q&A: UK plan to monitor all email, phone and and web use (BBC)

Government plans increased email and social network surveillance (The Guardian)

FAQ: The Communications Capabilities Development Programme (Privacy International)

Big Brother would like to watch you (Avaaz Daily Briefing)

The surveillance state: growing under a coalition that pledged to reverse it (The Guardian)
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