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On 08/04/12 14:49, Hazel Windle wrote:
> As I don't have the internet or wifi on the desktop worrying about someone
> breaking in would be largely redundant. Except for physical attacks I'm
> sure I'll be fine. As for distros, I get dvd's off nagazines etc.
> Unfortunately, I have to install extra software by walking to the library,
> downloading packages, getting home then finding I'm missing a dependency.
> That happened with trying to build koffice from source recently. I know how
> to fix it, but it is annoying.
> Things would be a lot better if I had a job and could afford broadband
> again. Out of all the distro dvd's I own, backtrack has the most compilers
> and other useful things. I ought to put the clamav virus scanner on my
> computers in case I accidentally infect my Windows laptop through using usb
> memory sticks.
> I did used to run opensuse and that was fine but I don't like the newer
> installers where you can't pick exactly what packages to install. I fiddle
> about with Pc-bsd and sabayon in virtualbox as well.
> Cheers
> Hazel Windle

Hello Hazel,

All distros are available from their respective web sites - you can download CDs or DVDs and
thus avoid the dependency issues. You have a laptop - thus you can log back in via your
local library and get updates software etc..

I'd not recommend ClamAv - it reports that you have viri when in  fact you don't. Better to
install BitDefender 64bit or32Bit. You can register and get it free for a year.

The new installers are all about "ease of use" and hard-wired branding - which sadly all
distros seem to be in competition with each and making an easy transition from Microsoft O/S.


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