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On 24/04/12 08:51, Jason Irwin wrote:
> On 23/04/12 23:17, Andy Smith wrote:
>> Not so! In fact it's strongly recommended *not* to involve computers
>> in the bit where the participants exchange details and examine
>> identifications:
> Martin!  Looks like we found an expert!
> Andy - would you be able to give the talk and help muppets like me?
> J.
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May I fling in my pennies worth? The whole idea of the web of trust no matter how small that
web - consider it a social network - were you all meet to share common interests - like
Linux and gpg. Those that are interested in signing each other's keys - bring along a print
out of their public key - and means of identifying the person - passport driving licence.
The idea is you can print out their public key and compare it with the printed copy they
bring along - if they match - then you go back to your computer - sign that key and then
upload it to a keyserver - the person who's had his key-signed by you - then downloads
his/her new signed key - which has been signed by one or more people at a key signing party.

So I meet James - I compare his public key with the one I printed out with the printed
version James brought along. I look at his driving licence and passport he confirm this is
indeed James (he's alive) - later I get home and then load Kleopatra or KGpg or OpenPGP and
then I sign James's key - and set a level of trust to that key. Then I upload that key to a
keyserver - James then downloads his newly signed key.



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